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  • Model:D10
  • Printing speed: 45m/min
  • Printing range: 2-12.7 (mm)
  • Printing depth: 2-12.7 (mm)
  • Print height: 2-12.7 (mm)
  • Type: date coding machine
  • Printing direction: bidirectional printing
  • Packing Type: Box
  • Air source pressure: 1 (MPa)
  • Dimensions: 12*8*23 (mm)
  • Handheld label printer
  • HD inkjet coding
  • Inkjet dry in seconds
  • 4.3 inch screen / multi-language / ABS lightweight body
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handheld label printer accessories

4.3 inch HD touch screen

  • Pinyin input on touch screen – – key code
  • Chinese and English numbers and traditional symbols dot matrix font can be input directly on the machine
  • New Generation Intelligent operating system
  • Multi-language
  • Meet export needs
  • Simple and user-friendly UI
  • 4.3-inch touch screen
  • Lightweight body
  • Better grip

Why Choose Us

4.3 inch touch screen


U disk import picture

Original quick-drying ink cartridge

ABS lightweight case

Handheld online dual-use


Model Number TM PRINTER D10
Print height 2-12.7MM
Screen size 4.3 inch touch screen
Printing speed 50m/min
Printing accuracy 600DPI high definition
Product net weight 0. 9KG
Product package 24.4*12.6*13CM
Printing distance 2-5MM
Printed content Chinese and English date, 2D code, barcode, LOGO, serial number, etc
Printing material metal, plastic pipe, foam carton, wood, stone

ARM High Performance Chip


The new generation of high-performance integrated chip 16G large memory high-speed processing graphics

HD decoding high-speed flash memory refuses to lag

New TXT text import function

The content of many input tedious, now you can not worry, the new version supports a key import function

U disk into the edited TXT text / database direct printing

Import original fast-drying ink cartridge

  • Ink cartridge has red, yellow, blue, green, black, white, invisible seven colors
  • Change the color only need to replace the cartridge, no need to change the machine
  • Meet diversified needs
  • Using imported original fast-drying ink cartridges that spray that dry
  • Not plugging the head does not dry head waterproof fire resistance friction
  • Note: standard black other colors need to be purchased separately invisible ink need to use the purple light irradiation can be used for anti-counterfeiting

600dpi high-definition nozzle

  • Up and down the height of 2-12.7mm adjustable, left and right length is not limited
  • Matching 600 lines incremental photoelectric rotary counter true restoration of image effects
  • Using anti-blocking nozzle font height 2-12.7MM
  • Multi-scene applications
  • Application scenarios



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