6cm handheld inkjet printer

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6CM handheld inkjet printer, printing height 5-60MM

Can print graphics. Counters, shift codes, time and date. Flow number, Chinese characters, numbers. and multi-country characters.

handheld digital label printer (7)
handheld digital label printer (6)

Simple design with most function

  • Simple and powerful design
  • Intelligent one-touch opening
  • High performance heat dissipation system
  • USB wireless transmission
  • Expandable ∪disk to import information
  • High performance print signal output
  • Lithium battery lasts more than 8 hours
  • Can be charged directly without stopping

Product parameters:


16 dot matrix


1. 6 kg (ink + body + battery)

Printing height

25- 60mm


Android 4 core processor

Print dot matrix

16X10 14X10 12X8 9X6 7X5

Communication interface

USB, wireless, network port

Date code

support century, year, month, day, hour, minute, second

Print speed

wheel control printing speed, pulse control

Printing distance

8mm from the surface of the object being printed fixed

Status display

preview information when printing

Screen display

display all printing parameters, a key to change the settings

Trigger mode

photoelectric sensor trigger

Printing control

encoder control

Print material

permeable or non-permeable materials are available


water-based ink (permeable surface) or oil-based ink

Ink color

black, red, blue, yellow, white, optional

Ink supply mode

built-in air pump pressure


Power parameters

voltage 24V current 1. 5A average power consumption <3OW


Charging time

not more than 5 hours

Operating environment

temperature -20 degrees 50 degrees humidity 30% to 70%



Chinese, English, Arabic, Korean, Spanish, French, German

Print graphics: can print trademark graphics, symbols, etc.

Software features

real-time date clock, print batch, counting, shift, font left and right flip print lines: 1-2 lines

Machine appearance

injection molding body, wear-resistant and durable

Letter Size: UP TO 6CM

6cm handheld inkjet printer application


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