12.7mm handjet portable printer

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  • Printing speed: 60m/min
  • Printing range: 2-12.7 (mm)
  • Printing depth: 2-12.7 (mm)
  • Print height: 2-12.7 (mm)
  • Type: inkjet printer
  • Printing direction: bidirectional printing
  • Packing Type: Box
  • Air source pressure: 1 (MPa)
  • Weight: 1 (kg)
  • Dimensions: 230*150*80 (mm)
  • Degree of automation: fully automatic
  • Applicable industries: gifts, handicrafts, food, clothing, home textiles, chemicals, toys, catering, daily chemicals, alcohol and tobacco, medicine, hardware, machinery
  • Number of digits: 10 digits
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Product Feature

  • handheld inkjet printer
  • Multi-functional intelligent coding machine
  • Modify the content at any time|Can store multiple contents|Real-time update of batch number and date

Free content editing / USB upload files, images, logo with more than 20 language

Multi-color ink cartridge optional

Waterproof, fireproof

Erasable handheld/line dual-use

Content Free Editing

  • 4.3″ HD color touch screen, Pinyin typing input content
  • With more powerful RAM core
  • More intelligent operating system
  • Digital
  • Chinese
  • English
  • Serial number
  • QR Code
  • Picture LOGO

Multiple material can be used

  • The machine is suitable for a variety of flat material spray printing
  • Such as: wood, carton, plastic, metal, stone, stainless steel
  • Woven bags can also be printed
  • Packaging bags cans packaging boxes
  • Printed two-dimensional code (- – object a code)
  • Plastic bottle cap bottom
  • Porcelain carton food packaging cans

Seven color ink cartridges are available

  • Seven color ink cartridges are available
  • Ink cartridge with red, yellow, blue, green, black, white, invisible seven colors
  • Change the color only need to replace the cartridge, no need to change the machine
  • Meet your diversified needs
  • Imported quick-drying ink
  • Imported fast-drying ink, that is, spray dry
  • Nozzle will not be blocked, the cartridge will not dry, waterproof, fire-resistant and friction-resistant
  • Different materials have slightly different effects

Product Parameter

  • Product name: TM printer MX3 inkjet printer
  • Processor: quad-core processor, main frequency up to 1.4GHz
  • Operating system: Linuxs operating system
  • Printed content: Chinese, English, numbers, symbols, pictures, two-dimensional code, bar codes, and
  • Variable data: Ink color
  • Red, yellow, blue, green, black, white, invisible (anti-counterfeiting)
  • Printing height: 12.7mm/25.4mm double size optional
  • Application industry: plate, carton, stone, pipe, cable, metal, plastic, electronic devices.
  • Auto parts, etc.
  • Machine weight: 1.2kg
  • After-sales service: 1 year free warranty for the whole machine, lifetime warranty, Demin team 7*24 hours a year
  • For you to keep an attentive watch

Spare Parts

How to install the battery correctly

  • Failure to install the battery in the correct way will cause a short circuit
  • This will cause the motherboard to burn out and the machine to be destroyed



How to install the ink cartridge correctly

  • To ensure that you can better experience the functions of the coding machine
  • Please strictly follow the following steps to install the ink cartridge

Insert the cartridge into the machine

  • Insert the cartridge to pay attention to the cartridge
  • Nozzle to align with the card slot

Attach the upper plate. Snap on the cartridge and lock the cartridge.

Set the print content, ready to code

When the machine is not in use, be sure to take the cartridge out and put it into the card holder to save!


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