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M08F phomemo portable thermal printers are a truly unique space saving and cost effective solution for your daily printing needs.

With thermal technology improving by the day,many companies are trying their hardest to introduce larger machines with capabilities far beyond those of a handheld one.One company trying to do this is Phomemo.They have brought out many thermal printers, but their new A four and let sized mobile printer aims to help the average consumer have an on the go solution to their printing needs.

I finally got my hands on the M08F Bluetooth letter printer.They do have an A four version on this as well, but this is very much similar in every way.The small form factor can print out eight five by eleven inch US letters using special thermal paper.

Preparation before Phomemo M08f printer operation

Before we start, be sure to subscribe and hit the bell icon to keep updated with more budget tech. With that said, let’s see what all the hype’s about and unbox this guy. So in the M08f printer box, you really only do get the printer itself a standard data cable for connection to a Mac or PC, as well as charging the unit itself.That’s really it. But this M08F phomemo printer truly is a product that has an out of the box experience from setup to printing in less than a couple of minutes. As mentioned, M08F printer can be operated using your computer or mobile device with their designated software.I personally find the M08f printer app to be the perfect companion for its portable form factor. Just having your phone and the printer itself together, you have a compact setup that can easily fit in a backpack.But whatever your choice is, you can go direct to their Phomemo website to gather the necessary software for Windows Mac, the Play Store and the Apple Store.So this is universally available to all devices on the market.So let’s connect this M08f printer up to my iPhone and give it a spin.So connection is simply done via your Bluetooth within the phomemo app itself. If you go to the top right hand corner of the app, it would allow you to add the printer. Once connected, we can go straight into the M08F app and explore some of its features. The phomemo M08F printer app’s interface has been made very simple.To be honest, its aim to provide a simplistic user face that is easy to operate, has been done very well. The M08f main screen offers you a variety of features like document printing, printing from the Internet, image prints,and even scanning documents to print later on.We even actually have some free preinstalled templates that we’ll take a look at later on.

M08f Phomemo printer for document printing

Let’s start M08f printer with document printing.In here, we actually have the option to open up Word PDF, Excel spreadsheets,Power Points and simple text files.So plenty of choice here.As this is an 8.5 inch by 11 inch printer, I’m going to go ahead and print some simple letter text.All this was produced in Word and I simply saved it to my phone this really isn’t rocket science, all then you have to do is click print.It is really as easy as that.So if we go over to our M08f thermal printer, all we need to do now is grab a thermal sheet with both hands.We can feed it into the entry point.You know when to stop because the M08f printer will grit the paper and pull it in for you.And then the printing should begin.

phomemo m08f a4

M08f Printer great speed

The great thing about phomemo M08f thermal printers is their overall printing speed.As you can see here, this document printed in a matter of seconds.The quality of simple black text is fantastic and where this thermal printer truly shines.So if you are someone who prints a lot of simple text files that don’t require color, then it is really the perfect option.It saves on ink, the quality is rather decent, and you haven’t got to carry around a huge machine.The M08f phomemo thermal paper itself from the manufacturer does have a promise long life on it.So fade in shouldn’t be an issue to be concerned about.But over time, it’s probably to be expected.

M08f printer on photo printing

Now, if you want to push this mO8F printer even further,you can indeed do that by printing out photos.Now, obviously, this is a thermal printer still, so you need to be realistic about the results.However, I think you might be pleasantly surprised.Now, for complex images, well, it’s not going to do an amazing job for sure, but thermal technology just isn’t there yet.But for basic prints like logos, clip art style photos and drawings, phomemo mo8f printer going to do an amazing job.For more realistic prints like portraits and photo memories, it is going to struggle.But like I said, if you’re realistic, I think you might be satisfied with the phomemo printer results.As you can see here, the image print has come out okay.It’s detailed and offers enough balance in its shading to make the image pop.I personally was quite happy with this.This is more than good enough from such a compact printer.

The M08f portable printer template

The M08f portable printer template printing function allows you a library of freebies to indulge in from printing backgrounds,frames, schedules and even, surprisingly, business cards.This section seems to be constantly growing and it just gives this printer a whole new lease of life and purpose.Not only can this be used for simple text prints, but it can become the perfect companion for at home printing for a variety of needs, even down to the scan functionality.With this feature, you can scan a page in a book, resize it and then create a thermal print of it, allowing you to copy pages for annotations later on.So not only is the M08f completely ink free, paper, jam proof and low maintenance, but it is an affordable solution in the long run.

Who will be suitable with phomemo m08f printer?

Granted that thermal printers won’t be for everyone, but for those looking for a printer that is powerful despite its size, well, it really is something to consider connection and setup to your computer or Phomemo done in a matter of seconds, allowing you to print an instant document.That phomemo m08f printer alone is a technology that we have been missing for decades.Be sure to subscribe and hit the bell icon to stay up late with more budget tech.With that said, check out the product in the link in the description.

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