Handheld Inkjet Printer

Hand-held inkjet printer is a small-sized, lightweight model of an ink printer to solve operational printing problems in the commercial and industrial sectors.The device is designed for quick labeling of commercial products of various purposes and shapes: you can apply information to boxes, cans, pipes, bottles, caps and other products. The mini-printer prints with solvent inks, which adhere well to a variety of materials. You can mark surfaces made of metal, glass, concrete, stone, wood, plastic, flexible vinyl, rubber, cardboard, paper. Despite its small size, this device is quite productive.

d10 handheld label printer
  • Model:TMD10
  • Model:TMT50
  • Printing Height: 50mm
  • Model:TMT60
  • Printing Height:25-60mm
  • Model:M20
  • Printing Height:25.4mm

12.7mm handheld portable printer specification

SamePrinting height(2-12.7mm)YesYesYes
Nozzle:TJ2.5 thermal foam nozzleYesYesYes
Printing accuracy:600DPIYesYesYes
Screen Size:4.3-inch touch screenYesYesYes
Speed:50 meters/minuteYesYesYes
Processor:4-core CPU, frequency up to 1.5GHZYesYesYes
Printing drive:using imported printing driver moduleYesYesYes
DifferenceScreenResistive ScreenCapacitive ScreenResistive Screen
 Product CoverPlasticMetalMetal

Handheld inkjet printer application

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