handheld inkjet printer on metal component

Handheld inkjet printer used on metal components

With the development of industry, metal components are increasingly used in production and life. Handheld inkjet printers play an important role in scientifically classifying metal components.

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Classification types of metal components:

Material classification

According to the materials used in the components, they are mainly divided into the following categories:

  • Steel components: Commonly used structural steel is widely used in construction, bridges, machine manufacturing and other fields.
  • Aluminum components: Lightweight, high strength, corrosion resistance and other characteristics make them widely used in aerospace, transportation and other fields.
  • Copper components: have good electrical conductivity and plasticity, and are suitable for electronic instruments, shipbuilding, architectural decoration and other fields.
  • Magnesium components: lightweight, high strength, and excellent impact resistance, widely used in automobiles, aerospace, weapons and equipment and other fields.

The inkjet printer uses a continuous injection method using a high-pressure gas supply system. The nozzle uses an ink nozzle. There are many small holes in the nozzle. The nozzle uses diffusion gas based on thermal transfer preheating technology. The ink is ejected and then adsorbed on the metal surface to achieve the printing effect. The nozzle has a built-in nozzle plate and distribution chamber. The nozzle plate can be replaced at any time according to user needs. Regardless of the metal material, handheld inkjet printers can effectively print and classify.

Metal components classification based on shape

Classification according to the shape of components is mainly divided into the following categories:

  • Cylindrical components: such as shafts, bolts, seals, etc.
  • Flat-shaped components: such as steel plates, angle steel, channel steel, etc.
  • Curved components: such as steel pipes, elbows, bent plates, etc.
  • Special shaped components: such as flanges, ring components, etc.

An inkjet printer is a device that sprays information through high-pressure gas to create logos, text, numbers or graphics on the surface of objects. Inkjet printers are also commonly used to print expiration dates, production batch numbers, etc. The inkjet printer is suitable for various types of flat, curved, irregular, high and low undulating surfaces, and is suitable for inkjet printing of metal components of various shapes.

Metal components according to classification

The components are classified according to their use and are mainly divided into the following categories:

  • Structural components: such as steel frames, bridges, building supports, etc.
  • Mechanical components: such as bearings, pins, gears, etc.
  • Electronic components: such as resistors, capacitors, inductors, etc.
  • Ship components: such as anchor chain, thrust shaft, rudder, etc.

The metal component inkjet printer has a large-size touch screen and is integrated with editing and printing. Information can be edited through the built-in touch screen, or it can be connected via communication methods including wifi (no need to install software, operate through a browser), Bluetooth or USB. Quickly complete information editing, input, adjustment, and transmission.

The metal component inkjet printer has a built-in Micro Linux system, which can achieve a high level of system customization, realize connection with various enterprise databases, break the isolation of inkjet marking work, and realize the Internet of Things and intelligence; according to the needs of the printing environment, additional Ancillary equipment, such as special rollers, scanners, etc.

The metal component inkjet printer adopts a new barcode printing function, which can print two-dimensional codes (QR codes) and barcodes; double the height of the printing code, it can print complex small logos and graphics; it can customize fonts, and can also print through laser Position the splicing pattern to realize the printing of various elements and patterns. Suitable for inkjet printing of factory logo, steel type, API monogram, length, weight specifications and other information.

Handheld inkjet printer effect on metal components

Handheld inkjet printing helps industry management departments provide references and formulate standard inspection, certification and other procedures.

  • Provide standardized management solutions for metal component manufacturing enterprises.
  • Provide accurate and efficient inventory management for business operations.
  • Provide basis for enterprise management to formulate production plans, sales strategies, etc.
  • Provide component selection and design reference for corporate R&D teams.

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