Handheld inkjet printer for metal: advantage and application

Handheld inkjet printer for metal is becoming more and more popular and efficient.According to the rules of the steel industry, befor metal products entering the market, it must have labels and other information written in a certain format on the surface. Modern steel pipe logistics requires fast speed, clear, obvious, and stable marking fonts. In the past, the product markings of most metal companies were made by manually making templates and then spraying paint, seals or labels on the surface. This resulted in low measurement accuracy, unclear writing, different shades of color, irregular heights, high labor intensity, and production problems. The metal printing efficiency is low, and there are problems such as missing printing, misprinting or labels that are easy to fall off, which seriously restricts the implementation of logistics management and quality management, and cannot meet the needs of modern production logistics. Handheld inkjet printers have been widely used in the metal industry for many years. They are currently the most efficient and cost-effective representatives of steel pipe. Handheld inkjet printer can clearly and completely print on flat surfaces, arc surfaces, and inner walls of metal products such as steel pipes, steel pipes, steel structures, and aluminum plates.

Advantages of handheld inkjet printers in the metal industry:

The high-speed switching solenoid valve of the handheld inkjet printer has the advantages of simple structure, strong anti-pollution ability, and no need to use expensive magnetorheological liquid. This determines that the handheld inkjet printing technology has the advantages of good reliability and low price. The inkjet printer gun comes standard with quick-drying ketone-based ink, which dries the printing surface instantly, ensuring that the printing surface is clean and tidy without affecting subsequent processes. It is suitable for printing in the metal industry. Handheld inkjet printer for metal content is clean, neat, beautiful, strong and accurate. The machine is easy to carry and operates stably. The simple handheld printer operation shortens the time for marking metal products, which helps to improve corporate image and production and logistics efficiency.

Application of handheld inkjet printer in metal industry

Inkjet printers are widely used in metal packaging. From food cans to milk powder, they are all metal packaging. On these packages, small character inkjet printers or laser inkjet printers can be used to print the production date and batch number. QR codes can be printed for traceability.

The information printed by the inkjet printer on metal packaging includes production date, production shift, shelf life, etc., which greatly improves the management of products during production and transportation. Therefore, it will become inevitable to improve the traceability information industry on metal packaging.

as a handheld inkjet printer, it brings more convenient and efficient marking applications to C-shaped steel. A manual inkjet printer can perform printing work in a variety of specifications, improving efficiency and reducing manpower and material costs.

handheld inkjet printer on C shaped steel printer
handheld inkjet printer on metal component

Handheld inkjet printer used on metal components

The inkjet printer uses a continuous injection method with a high-pressure gas supply system and the ink nozzle. There are many small holes in the nozzle. The nozzle uses diffusion gas based on thermal transfer preheating technology. The ink is ejected and then adsorbed on the metal surface to achieve the printing effect.

Traditional manual handwriting and templates Spray paint has poor adhesion on metal surfaces and is prone to fading, blurring, shifting, etc. Therefore, it cannot effectively mark relevant specifications, batch numbers, etc. on alloy tool steel. As a TM handheld inkjet printer, this shortcoming is avoided. The special ink used can maintain standard and neat marking content for a long time, regardless of whether the surface of the alloy tool steel is rusted, and the writing will not fade or shift, eliminating secondary printing. Rework, reducing manpower and material resources.

hanheld alloy printer

Application of handheld inkjet printer on bearing steel

Traditional handwriting and template spray painting have problems such as large workload and easy fading of handwriting, which cannot effectively solve the marking function on the surface of bearing steel. The excellent performance and characteristics of TM handheld inkjet printer eliminate these drawbacks.

It is common to use label paper to affix it to the metal surface, but the storage period is short, it is easy to fall off, and the writing will fade in a long-term outdoor environment, which is not very practical. In comparison, the TM handheld portable inkjet printer has the advantages of printing on carbon structural steel. Several major advantages, such as portability, efficiency, durability, and high cost performance.

carbon steel printer

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