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handheld inkjet printer on C shaped steel printer

Handheld inkjet Printer

Portable and light weight with long working time

The industrial sector has seen a significant increase in the use of handheld inkjet printers in recent years, particularly when working with C-shaped steel. Either manually operated with a handheld inkjet printer or integrated into the line, this versatile tool can mark and identify steel parts more efficiently, thereby improving quality control, inventory management and overall productivity.

C-shaped steel is named for its unique shape and is widely used in various fields such as construction, shipbuilding, and manufacturing. It can be used for purlins and wall beams in steel structure buildings, and can also be assembled into lightweight roof trusses, brackets and other building components. In addition, it can also be used for columns, beams and arms in mechanical and light industrial manufacturing. There are various specifications and models. Therefore, for C-shaped steel, general online inkjet printer equipment cannot take care of both. The emergence of handheld inkjet printers completely changed the process.

Handheld inkjet printers are compact and lightweight for accurate and efficient printing on C-section steel. Workers can carry these devices freely and reach various points on the steel parts without hindrance. The prints they produce are sharp, clear and highly durable, even in harsh environments, making them ideal for steel used in harsh conditions. The handheld inkjet printer brings more convenient and efficient marking applications to C-shaped steel. A manual inkjet printer can print in a variety of specifications, improving efficiency and reducing manpower and material costs.

Handheld inkjet printer on C-shaped steel features:

Different font sizes can be printed:

According to different specifications of C-shaped steel, the font size can be adjusted (8-57mm), and up to 5 lines of content can be printed at the same time. The handheld smart inkjet printer can also print QR codes, barcodes, patterns and other combinations according to needs. information, high adhesion ink can remain on the product surface for a long time without fading or shifting, making printing simpler and smarter.

The handheld inkjet printer has good stability when used on C-shaped steel

The quality of a piece of equipment depends on the stability of its performance. The handheld inkjet printer uses an innovative solenoid valve type nozzle and a ruby material nozzle. It has excellent performance in C-shaped steel production workshops or construction sites where temperature and dust are harsh. It is resistant to high temperatures and corrosion, will not clog the nozzle, and is more stable and smooth during the printing process.

Exquisite and compact, easy to carry for real-time marking

In addition, inkjet technology enables real-time marking. Once the steel part is manufactured or altered, it can be marked accordingly. This immediate action reduces the risk of errors and enhances traceability. Additionally, because printers can be easily programmed with different data sets, businesses can quickly adapt to changing marking requirements.

Long working time

The exquisite and compact portable handheld inkjet printer is equipped with a large LCD touch screen, which can complete content editing and parameter adjustment under any circumstances. It has a battery life of up to 16 hours, which can be used to inkjet C-shaped steel in outdoor environments for a long time. Task.

Integrating handheld inkjet printers into operations involving C-sections reduces production time, ensures greater accuracy, and enhances worker safety. The automated nature of these devices greatly reduces human error, streamlining overall operations and increasing profits.

All in all, handheld inkjet printers have truly revolutionized the way the industry uses C-section steel. With their accuracy, ease of use and adaptability, they continue to prove to be an invaluable tool, paving the way for future industry enhancements.

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