Handheld inkjet printer application in carbon structural steel

Carbon structural steel is mainly used in railways, bridges, and various construction projects to manufacture various metal components that bear static loads, as well as unimportant mechanical parts and general welding parts that do not require heat treatment. According to national standards, corresponding numbers and companies need to be marked. Name and other information.

It is common to use label paper to affix it to the metal surface, but the storage period is short, it is easy to fall off, and the writing will fade in a long-term outdoor environment, which is not very practical. In comparison, the TM handheld portable inkjet printer has the advantages of printing on carbon structural steel. Several major advantages, such as portability, efficiency, durability, and high cost performance.

In terms of appearance, the TM handheld inkjet printer adopts an ergonomic design. On the premise of having a good grip and long battery life, it is easy to carry and print in any environment. It has a built-in LCD on the fuselage. The touch screen can quickly complete content editing and parameter adjustment on site.

Rich scalability gives TM smart inkjet printers a wider range of applications. It supports WiFi, Bluetooth, USB and other transmission methods, and can realize real-time printing of dynamic data, whether it is QR codes, barcodes, patterns, etc., It can be integrated with the industrial Internet of Things, allowing logos to be unrestricted and freely interpretable.

The TM manual inkjet printer shows the spirit of craftsmanship and uses innovative solenoid valve nozzles and ruby material nozzles. It has outstanding performance in wear resistance, corrosion resistance and dust resistance, and can adapt to stable and smooth marking in various harsh environments. The performance far exceeds that of similar inkjet printing equipment.

The wide range of applicability explains the characteristics of the TM portable inkjet printer. It is not affected by the environment and materials. It can be used for multiple purposes. It can print on flat surfaces, curved surfaces, curved surfaces, and concave and convex surfaces. The writing will not fade or fade over a long time. Blurred, shifted, simple cartridge replacement method, more convenient and efficient

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