Handheld inkjet printer application in alloy metals

Alloy tool steel is a steel type with excellent toughness, wear resistance and heat resistance. It is mainly used in the manufacture of measuring tools, cutting tools, impact-resistant tools, cold and hot molds and some special-purpose tools. Traditional manual handwriting and templates Spray paint has poor adhesion on metal surfaces and is prone to fading, blurring, shifting, etc. Therefore, it cannot effectively mark relevant specifications, batch numbers, etc. on alloy tool steel. As a TM handheld inkjet printer, this shortcoming is avoided. The special ink used can maintain standard and neat marking content for a long time, regardless of whether the surface of the alloy tool steel is rusted, and the writing will not fade or shift, eliminating secondary printing. Rework, reducing manpower and material resources.

The exquisite and compact appearance shows the powerful portability of the TM manual code printer. With the large LCD touch screen on the fuselage, the content can be edited and parameters adjusted at any time in any environment, so that every printing can reach optimal effect.

hanheld alloy printer

For metal materials, the production environment and storage environment are relatively harsh, and the dust is serious. General portable inkjet printing equipment is easily affected by the environment and materials, causing wear and blockage of the nozzles. The performance of the TM handheld inkjet printer is significantly different from other equipment. It uses innovative solenoid valve nozzles and ruby material nozzles, which can effectively prevent dust from entering the nozzle, causing blockage, wear, etc., and extending the service life of the equipment .

According to the printing requirements for alloy tool steel, the TM smart inkjet printer can also transmit data through WiFi and Bluetooth, connect with the enterprise data management system, and print real-time dynamic data to ensure the accuracy of the marking information.

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