Application of handheld inkjet printer on bearing steel

Bearing steel has uniform hardness and wear resistance, as well as high elasticity. It is a steel used to make balls, rollers and bearing rings. It is one of the most stringent steel types in all steel production, so it needs to be Mark the relevant steel number, batch number, etc.

Traditional handwriting and template spray painting have problems such as large workload and easy fading of handwriting, which cannot effectively solve the marking function on the surface of bearing steel. The excellent performance and characteristics of TM handheld inkjet printer eliminate these drawbacks.

The exquisite and compact appearance design is easy to carry in any place, showing the simplicity and efficiency of the portable inkjet printer. The long battery life combined with the ink cartridge that comes with the fuselage can keep the bearing steel in the outdoor environment at any time. Printing.

In terms of performance, the TM manual coder is different from similar products. It uses an innovative solenoid valve type nozzle and a ruby ​​material nozzle. When faced with the printing material and the surrounding harsh environment, the effective throne nozzle will not wear out or enter dust. Causes clogging, and every mark on the metal surface can be standardized and neat.

Relatively speaking, the TM smart inkjet printer has a wider and wider range of applications. It is not limited to simple Chinese, English and numbers. It can also print QR codes, barcodes, patterns and other content according to needs, and can maintain the writing for a long time. The clarity and firmness are not affected by the natural environment.

In order to improve the accuracy of printing information, in addition to the built-in touch screen editing of the TM handheld inkjet printer, it can also be expanded according to the needs of the enterprise. It can be connected with the enterprise data management system through WIFI, Bluetooth, etc., and print real-time dynamic data. Or carry out secondary development to create personalized customization suitable for bearing steel printing needs, making the logo simple and intelligent.

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